Quebec Accessible asks the government to strengthen the proposed federal accessibility law (Bill C-81)

Quebec Accessible recently attended Parliamentary hearings on Bill C-81, the proposed federal accessibility law. Although Bill C-81 is a step in the right direction, it contains some important gaps. These gaps must be addressed before the bill is adopted.

Quebec Accessible has signed on to a letter asking Minister Carla Qualtrough to strengthen Bill C-81. Over fifty disability organizations have signed on to this letter.  We hope the federal government will respond to our concerns by amending the bill.

We also hope the Quebec government will take this opportunity to strengthen its own accessibility law. Let’s build on this momentum and create a country that’s accessible to all people with disabilities! Continue reading Quebec Accessible asks the government to strengthen the proposed federal accessibility law (Bill C-81)

Montreal’s Consultations on Accessibility (Oct.15-Nov.30)

Montreal is currently holding public consultations on accessibility! This is a chance to give your input on the city’s annual universal accessibility plan. We encourage you all to participate. Come share your experiences about the inaccessibility of buildings, public transit, sidewalks, services, etc. There will be sign language interpretation and a bilingual facilitator for those who participate in English.

Continue reading Montreal’s Consultations on Accessibility (Oct.15-Nov.30)

People with disabilities forgotten in Quebec’s election campaign

Hand putting a ballot into a ballot box. Quebec flag in the background.
Provincial elections

The provincial elections are fast approaching! Last month, Quebec Accessible wrote to the leaders of all four political parties asking them to commit to adopting a strong accessibility law based on our twelve principles. So far, we’ve only received responses from two parties: Québec solidaire and the Liberal party. Québec solidaire committed to adopting a strong new law with timelines and penalties for non-compliance. The Liberal party refused to commit to do so. The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) and the Parti Québécois did not take the time to respond to our request.

Quebec Accessible recently published letters in Ricochet and the Huffington Post (in French) denouncing the lack of attention paid to this issue in the political campaign. Our letters were signed by over sixty people with disabilities and allies.

On October 1st, let’s show politicians that we are mobilized! Make your vote count! If you face barriers in the voting process, feel free to share your experiences in the Facebook group Vote accessible – Élections 2018 – Québec.

Together, we can create a more accessible and inclusive Quebec!